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Website Content Tips

A Writing Assistance web content writer knows how to create website content that will help make your site successful

Web content writing is part art,
part science,
and most successful when created by a professional.

That's because a website audience is like no other.
They skim.
They scan.
They read the highlights and the headlines.

If they like what they see,
they just might go on reading.
If they don't, they will move on.

That means your website's content has just seconds to:

  • Grab attention
  • Build interest
  • Create desire
  • Motivate action

Using website fundamentals

A professional WAI web content writer will ensure your site works to its fullest potential by following these critical website content do's and don'ts:


  1. Use bulleted lists and highlighted links to make a memorable impact
  2. Use an inverted pyramid style to express conclusions first, then detailed information to back up the facts
  3. Display powerful benefit-driven headlines and subheads to grab interest
  4. Use short informative paragraphs for easy readability
  5. Bold and italicize key words and phrases for attention
  6. Include searchable keywords to make your site stand out on search engines
  7. Use action words to motivate response


  1. Use complicated terminology or "clever" language
  2. Create long, detailed sentences that bore your audience
  3. Use more than half the word count of conventional writing
  4. Write rambling and irrelevant content
  5. Write more than one idea per paragraph
  6. Make site navigation complex and difficult to follow
  7. Forget to proofread

Put your site in the hands of a website content expert.

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